On beginnings


I’m writing from the sofa, mid-semester, mid-November, mid-twenties. And despite being in the middle of so many things, I’m suddenly aware and in awe of the ways we can begin anew.

Maybe it’s this time of year.  Nearing the holidays always makes me feel so hopeful.  I write out our cards, sending out long distance ( and often, long overdue) embraces to loved ones.  We make peace with our shortcomings from the year passed, and express gratitude for our progress and triumphs.  We forgive others, we forgive ourselves. We extend the kindness we give to our most loved- to strangers, to enemies, and to ourselves. It’s a season that’s humbling, humanizing, and renewing all at once.

It’s a reminder that despite the unkindness, the harshness, the sadness the world offers up, we can still be kind, tender, and at peace.   We can acknowledge our own hurt and the hurt of others without tainting them with the venom of the pursuit rightness or accusations of wrongness.

We can step away and regain our perspective, purpose, and direction.  We see through,  appreciating our lives without the opacity of its struggles and the imperfections. We can be fractured and whole all at once, and it’s beautiful.



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